The Gloforce Eye-Light is the latest product innovation in LED floodlighting. Weighing just 200g and fitting in the palm of your hand, the Eye-Light delivers 1000 lumens of light for over 3.5 hours in the smallest product available today.


Available with multiple accessories, the Eye-Light can be positioned almost anywhere, creating daylight in darkness! The MagM8 Magnetic Gooseneck has an extremely strong rubber magnet base, which can be mounted on vehicles, machinery and structures to allow the user to have light in the perfect position for their work.


The Gloforce Dual Detachable Battery (DDB) cordless, re-chargeable Cree LED Floodlight range includes extremely bright 2000 or 4000 lumens floodlights, which are robust, offer long duration, flexible working and come with a 3 year warranty. The detachable batteries offer the ultimate in flexibility, allowing the user to use 1 or 2 batteries, charge one battery whilst using the other or simply have enough batteries to last whatever the duration of the job needs to be.


All Gloforce lights are IP65 rated, allowing them to be used outdoors and even in the pouring rain.

Cordless LED floodlights remove power cables and generators from the workplace, reducing trip hazards and noise and offering a truly flexible and useful lighting solution.



For further information or to arrange a trial please contact Peter Upcott